In Miriam & Janus we capture the essence of Faroese nature, personality and attitude in our depictions of old Nordic sagas with a modern edge, our portrayal of the people around us and our enticing nude photography, that is pushing the limits of photography in our home country.

The artworks are the outcome of a natural creative passion combined with hard work and bringing to life the local stories told throughout our history and contemporary times. We have explored and expanded our artistic expression across the spectrum, from family portraits, capturing landscapes to edgy and liberating nude photography.

We bring our personality and unique quality to any image and with our raw passion and professionalism we are ready to take on any task, and are readily available for any projects you may dream up. We are confident that we will deliver a product beyond expectations.

Bring a piece of our home with you, with an original and limited edition, piece of artwork – Check out our webshop!

Miriam & Janus isn’t just the name of our enterprise but also our names. We are a married couple, since 2004, and we have been building our firm and working side by side ever since.

We have a studio in the capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn, and our day to day life consists of an exciting array of ventures, either fulfilling our own personal art, or working on different commissioned projects, that takes us all  around. When we are not ‘out’ working, we are in the studio, where we offer many different services such as product photography, portraits and family portraits.

Janus is ‘the businessman’ who administrates all the technical, promotional and practical aspects to make Miriam & Janus the professional company that it is.

Miriam is ‘the artist’ who dreams up exciting scenarios for images and executes her vision to every last detail, such as costume design, lighting, location and the editing of the final image.